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Do you sometimes have the wrong balance in your books (or accounting program) and have no idea why? Here are some things to consider when this is the case:

  1. Look at your desposit that you made to the bank. Check that the amount of the deposit in the bank matches what you recorded in your books.
  2. Are there overages or shortages from a cash receipt deposit that were not applied on the customer's order in the books deposit? If so adjust this so it matches the deposit to the bank amount.
  3. Did you record all the checks that you wrote out? If not, go back and check your duplicate check stubs for missing checks.
  4. Were all accounts payable invoices that were paid actually recorded properly in books? Check by going through all paid A/P invoices for that period.
  5. Did you write out any miscellaneous checks and forget to record them in the books?

If you do the things mentioned above, most likely you can find the error in your checking account.


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